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Odor in Refrigerator Or Food Has Off-Taste Or Odor


  • Odor producing foods not covered or wrapped. Once opened, items should be removed from store wrapping and wrapped in foil, self-sealing bags or plastic wrap. Odorous vegetables such as onions should also be wrapped before placing them in the crisper. When storing frozen foods, use freezer wrap or freezer bags that are air-, moisture- and vapor-proof. Be sure the wraps are tightly sealed.
  • Food spoiled from being stored too long. Throw out spoiled food and any food that is suspected unsafe for consumption.
  • Interior needs cleaning. Clean according to the instructions in the User's Guide.
  • Defrost pan needs cleaning. Defrost water drains into a shallow pan beneath the cabinet and evaporates. This pan should be cleaned periodically with warm, sudsy water, Check the User's Guide for instructions on removal and replacement of the defrost pan.


  1. Place open boxes of baking soda on refrigerator and freezer shelves.
  2. Spread activated charcoal on a pan and place on shelves.
  3. Pack a shelf with crumpled newspapers. Sprinkle with water. Replace every 1-2 days and in 5-6 days odor should be gone.

Ice Cubes Have Odor or Off-Taste


  • Odors absorbed by ice in uncovered bin. Use ice rapidly or store in covered container to help prevent odor pick-up. Wrap all foods for the refrigerator and freezer in moisture-proof, vaporproof packaging material to prevent odor transfer to ice.
  • Ice bin or freezer needs cleaning. Clean up spills as soon as they occur to prevent odor transfer. Clean ice container and freezer according to the directions in the User's Guide.
  • Water quality. Use a filter to remove minerals, such as sulfur, which leaves a strong taste or odor.
  • Old ice. Dispose of ice that has developed an odor and make a new supply.
  • Metallic taste. A metallic taste can result if a freezer with an automatic icemaker is hooked up to an infrequently used water pipe. Double-check installation instructions for proper hookup of water to the icemaker. The first few loads of ice from a new icemaker may have an off-taste and should be dumped, readying the unit to make a new supply.

Water From Dispenser Has Odor Or Off Taste


  • Water dispenser used infrequently. Draw several glasses of water to discard stale water and freshen supply in the reservoir.
  • Old filter in water line. Replace the filter and replenish water dispenser with fresh water.



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